Refund Policy

  1. General Information: At, we provide intangible digital products and services. Due to the nature of these offerings, we are unable to issue full refunds after product delivery or the completion of related services. This policy outlines the specific circumstances under which refunds may be granted.

By making purchases on, users automatically agree to this Refund Policy and agree to abide by all its terms.

  1. Causes for a Refund:

    2.1. Product Refunds:

    • Non-delivery of the product: Users experiencing issues with email delivery (e.g., due to mail server errors or spam settings) must notify our Billing Department at within 14 days of the order date.
    • Major defects: Users should report any bugs, critical errors, or functionality defects to the product author via their user account within 3 business days. If the author fails to rectify the issue within this timeframe, may issue a full refund.
    • Product not-as-described: Users must report any discrepancies between the purchased item and its product description within 14 days of purchase, providing evidence of the mismatch.

    2.2. Service Refunds:

    • Service not rendered: Users can request service cancellation before work on the project begins by submitting a request within 3 months of purchase.
    • Delayed service delivery: If the service provider cannot deliver within a specified timeframe due to unforeseen issues, users may request a refund. Failure to provide required information on time may result in a declined refund.
    • Service not-as-described: Users should report any discrepancies within 14 days of project completion, providing evidence of the mismatch.
  2. How to Request a Refund: Users can submit a refund request through their account using the Request Refund option. If there is no resolution within 3 business days, users may escalate the request to for investigation. The outcome will be decided based on information provided by both parties within 7 days of escalation.

    Before creating a refund request, users must ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

  3. Contact our Billing Department: For any billing-related inquiries or refund requests, users can contact our billing department via:

Please note that the marketplace's handling fee for product and service delivery, as well as extended support services, are not eligible for a refund.