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Scrolling Text Marquee Section

Scrolling Text Marquee Section

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Add a Scrolling Text banner anywhere to your webstie.


Easy updates for

  • Fully responsive and customizable design
  • Easy updates for:  
    • Font sizes
    • Fonts
    • Text colors
    • Section colors
    • Section padding
    • Scrolling speed and direction
  • Set the gap between the text
  • Insert an icon in front and back of the text
  • Center these icons in the middle
  • Text options:
    • Font weight
    • Line height
    • Letter spacing
    • Enable underline for links
  • Animation:
    • Use your own CSS Keyframes to animate text items, so you get infinite options to animate text
    • Make the text items alone or the include icons as part of animation
  • Place it above another section:
    • You can move the text scroll to a section above or below and make it appear over that section.
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